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Almaden Valley Torah Center

Where Judaism is a way of life!

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Our inspiration, guidance and strength


We are a Jewish Center… San Jose, for Jews of all backgrounds. Our purpose is to serve the community by giving them an opportunity to celebrate their remarkable heritage in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

 We invite you and your friends to participate in any of our events!

Please join us!

Our programs include: Friday night and Shabbat  meals, Shabbat and Holiday Minyan, weekly classes, Summer Torah Club (Children’s camp) and (Sunday) Hebrew School and Holiday Programs, Women’s Outreach Circle which includes Create And Learn, women’s activities, lectures and an annual concert.

We have added some links (local and otherwise) that may be of interest to you.

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Text Box: To contact us:
Almaden Valley Torah Center
1422 Helmond Lane
S. Jose, CA 95118-3422

Phone: (408) 445-1770
Fax:      (408) 723-1082
Cell:      (408) 375-7770
E-mail: Rabbi Noach Vogel
E-mail: Rivkah Vogel



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Shabbos Parshas Re'ai 5774------------------------

Friday evening, August 22, 2014




Conclusion of Shabbat

August 23, 2014



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