Challah and Kiddush

Where Judaism is a way of life!


Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law)

Sunday evenings: Before Maariv time:

                                             At various locations in S. Jose


Hebrew Reading Class: Hebrew for beginners

Thursday evenings: 7:45 — 8:15pm

                                 at the Almaden Valley Torah Center

                                 1422 Helmond Lane in S. Jose


Tanya class: Jewish Mysticism

Learn about your inner self and the amazing potential you have to live  to the ultimate

Thursday nights: 8:15—9:15pm

                                       at the Almaden Valley Torah Center

                                 1422 Helmond Lane in S. Jose




You may work out a time that is good for you and the Rabbi, and pick out whichever Judaic subject you want, starting from the basics. If possible, he may even do it at your house.

¨ No membership required!

¨ If you’re Jewish, you belong here!

¨ Remember; we love seeing new Jewish faces of any background!

¨ Don’t be afraid, at least try it out!


Jewish Holidays and events will be updated as they occur.



Friday Night and Shabbat Day and Festival Meals


The meals are directly following the services.

Friday Night and Shabbat Day and Festival Services



Almaden Valley Torah Center


Almaden Valley Torah Center------------------------

Enjoy a delicious and wholesome Shabbos meal at the Almaden Valley Torah Center where you will be inspired by the Chasidic stories and songs. You can ask the Rabbi any question you’d like. Get to know the Vogels’ and their other guests!

We enjoy having guests!

The services begin about a half hour after sunset at night, and at 9:30am in the morning. We have a class on Chasidic philosophy at 9am.


As we recite the prayers (which you may do in English with our new Siddurim (prayer books)), we will be singing certain prayers, which you will get to know.

Listen to the Rabbi tell a story of sages in the past and relate it to our daily life.

It says that when 10  male Jews (13 years of age and above) meet, G-d’s Divine Presence is with them and therefore they may read out of the Torah scroll.

So we ask and encourage you (as well as your spouse and kids) to come and join us!    


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