at a Chanukah Celebration10 ft Menorah at 1422 Helmond Lane

Where Judaism is a way of life!

Community Photos

These are just a few of the exiting programs we have here!

(As time passes we will be updating this site and put up new pictures!)





At our Chanukah celebration

in front of our house.


The 10 foot tall Chanukah menorah stands proudly in front of our house!

“The Dancing Driedle”

Women’s Concert

We make Women's Concerts annually for all the women in the community with the most amazing stars, under the direction of Rivkah Vogel!

Summer Torah Club (2009/5769)

Look at the smiles on those kids faces,

wouldn’t you want your child to be part of that?!

One of AVTC’s favorite innovation

Almaden Valley Torah Center

Women's Concert


Our Dancing Dreidleat one of our children's program

Almaden Valley Hebrew School

(a.k.a. Talmud Torah Sunday School)


Another one of AVTC’s children’s programs which the kids are enjoying!

Almaden Valley Torah Center------------------------

Rabbi’s 50th Birthday BBQ

To see what we were doing on Chanukah 2008, click here!

and here...


Succos in the Westfield Mall 2008– 5769 (from creation)

Giving our fellow Jews perform the special holiday Mitzvos!


Wedding Pictures of Chaim Yitzchok and Nisel Vogel