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Rabbi Noach Vogel


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Almaden Valley Torah Center

1422 Helmond Lane

S. Jose, CA 95118-3422


Phone: (408) 445-1770

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Cell:      (408) 375-7770

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In 1989 Rabbi Vogel and his wife were sent to S. Jose by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, to awaken the Jewish spirit . They are continuing to work at it through educating and inspiring the Jewish people in the area, according to Torah tradition.

What’s the point? So that every Jew can be proud of his or her heritage and not be ashamed to practice it.

What’s our message? Our purpose is to be a lamplighter ( i.e. showing Jews their roots and their heritage, and thereby revealing their divine soul)  and in turn let everyone know that he or she can do the same. In a world full of darkness, every light counts.

What’s our goal? That through adding every additional light, the long-awaited Moshiach (Messiah) will redeem everyone out of exile that much sooner. The Rebbe prophesized that our generation will merit his arrival. We hope and pray that he come right Now! Amen!


Almaden Valley Torah Center

Almaden Valley Torah Center

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