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Almaden Valley Torah Center

1422 Helmond Lane

S. Jose, CA 95118-3422


Phone: (408) 445-1770

Fax:      (408) 723-1082

Cell:      (408) 375-7770

E-mail: Rabbi Noach Vogel


E-mail: Rivkah Vogel




From 85 South, take the Camden Ave. Exit

and turn left on to Camden Ave.,

go to the second light which is Kooser Road and turn left ,

go to the first light which is Meridian Ave and turn right,

and make the second right on to Helmond Lane (just past the park). We are on your left.

Click on the map to log onto MapQuest.

1422 Helmond Lane,

Off Meridian, parallel to Blossom Hill Road.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Almaden Valley Torah Center


Almaden Valley Torah Center------------------------


You might be wondering what’s the meaning of Rabbi770 and what does it have to do with the website? Well, 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY is the address of Chabad World Headquarters (the Rebbe’s Shul) and where Rabbi Vogel learned and was thereafter sent to do his mission.