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Almaden Valley Torah Center

1422 Helmond Lane

S. Jose, CA 95118-3422


Phone: (408) 445-1770

Fax:      (408) 723-1082

Cell:      (408) 375-7770

E-mail: Rabbi Noach Vogel


E-mail: Rivkah Vogel




           We would like to request that you become a partner with us so that together we can grow and expand to help more people join our Center  by enjoying any of our programs. Please use the address below if you wish to help us through sponsorship of any program. We are tax-deductible organization, and it is a great way to show community commitment.

           The Jewish tradition of “Tzedaka” does not only refer to monetary help; it means “righteousness”, i.e. doing the right thing. If you wish to volunteer you time or skill, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

If you think this website needs improvement we would love your suggestions and help.

Almaden Valley Torah Center


Almaden Valley Torah Center------------------------

 To give you the opportunity to donate (or help us get) something specific which we are lacking, we will list a number of options below;

A larger room, office or building where we can facilitate more people for our services programs and parties

20 English Tehillims (Psalms)

5 Russian Siddurim

White Paroches (curtain for the ark), cover of the Torah scroll and of Bimah special for the High Holidays

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